Dark Gothic

Gothic is hard to define and refers to many things but the genre became popular in the 18th Century with the age of enlightenment, reason and the emergence of science.
However, our forbearers were still aware of older times when mystery and the unexplained were part of everyday life-in fact all things dark and beautiful.
These images seeks to illustrate this dark, mysterious and romantic genre with my own interpretation of the traditional gothic fantasy by using the female form (who were often portrayed in novels as heroines), the colours associated with this genre e.g. red, black and purple, all set against dark backgrounds of ruins and religious places that still survive today.  

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Pandaora's Box, Holly
Women in red dress, London Cemetry, Stone Lion
Ophelia, Girl in Red dress
Book of Spells, Female portrait, gothic, knebworth gardens
Red Magic, Dark Magic, Red smoke, model in red dress
Occult spell, model with red horns, red smoke
Celtic cross, Lady Amaranth, model in purple dress, graveyard, grave stones.
Lady Amaranth, Model in purple, graveyard
The Chalice, Dark Gothic
Gothic, Dying Bride, Dead roses
graveside vigil, model in black veil, graveyard. Victoria park, Southampton
grayeyard ritual, model in black dress, gravestone, rosary, Tower Hamlets cemetery

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