Book of Spells


                                                                  The Willow Knot
A tailsman for enchantment-to give yourself good humour, wisdom and grace. A spell for self-empowerment.
Using a small soft, pliable piece of green willow (soak it in water overnight to make it more pliable if needed), bend it into a figure eight knot. As you work with the willow, think as yourself as part of a chain linking you to everyone and everything else.
Then think of the people that are difficult in your life and think loving thoughts and good wishes for them.
Weave a spell of enchantment into the knot as you work with it. Place it in your pocket, wear it as a pin, or place it in a prominent place in your home. If you have an important meeting or dinner event, make sure the willow is on the table
From Lins Domian
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