People And Portraits: Mental Health

A series of studio images with a mental health narrative, see below:

‘Hello darkness my old friend, I have come to talk to you again’ (Simon & Garfunkel).

These twenty images utilise darkness, controlled light and subdued colour to illustrate different mental health narratives. As a psychologist, I know people often experience a darkened, altered reality.

From image 1, initially isolated and anxious, thoughts emerge about contamination, doubts about self and identity. Self-hate develops, but release is in subjugation. Fear remains but there is a desire to reach out to others, which, if unsuccessful, causes frustration and relationship stress. Depression develops which leads to greater isolation and despair, with negative thoughts about body image. Lack of sleep due to anxiety and feelings of being trapped lead to anger but the self-critical voices remain leading to breakdown and suicide. Ultimately others are left bereaved.